b3ta motel

Disclaimer: The images in this site may offend, and the following page is 8.7Mb in size.
I understand, let me in!
Eeeeep! I'm easily offended
What's all this then?
The b3ta motel was a b3ta bandwagon/project from 2004, originally started by Ecclesia.
The site has been offline for a while, and I have decided to resurrect it!

Motel Info:
Last Update 04/05/2012
Rooms: 150
Disk Space Used: 8.7Mb
How do I make/submit my own?
1. Download the template here.
2. Fire up Photoshop!
3. Save the file in your preferred format (.gif, .jpg, .png)
4. Message me on b3ta with a link to your motel.
5. Await immortalisation :)
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